About Us

Since the Ghana Institute for Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) was established in 1962, we have been developing alphabets, grammars and reading materials in Ghanaian languages, and promoting mother tongue literacy in language communities. In our work, we depend on partnerships with churches, other organisations and individuals in Ghana.


Vision statement

Transformed lives for God’s glory through the effective use of the Word of God in
the mother tongue.


Mission statement

GILLBT, in partnership with other stakeholders, facilitates access to God’s Word in the
mother tongue in Ghana and beyond through linguistic research, Bible translation, Scripture Use, literacy and community development.


Our core values

  1. Total trust in God in all we do.
  2. Integrity in the manner we carry out our responsibilities.
  3. Teamwork as crucial in achieving set objectives.
  4. Strong partnership with churches and other stakeholders in Ghana and beyond.
  5. Capacity-building as essential in equipping the personnel in carrying out their tasks.
  6. Effective communication at all levels of our work.
  7. Respect for one another at all levels of our work.
  8. Good stewardship and accountability in the use of resources.


Key facts

  • An estimated 60 languages are spoken in Ghana.
  • We are involved in 34 language projects across six regions in Ghana.
  • We have translated the New Testament into 28 Ghanaian languages – with the complete Bible in five of these.
  • We have four New Testament and 10 Old Testament projects in progress.
  • GILLBT has identified about six Ghanaian languages needing translation.
  • Every year, we provide community-based education for 1,000s of learners in communities where GILLBT works.