Complete Buli Bible Dedicated

The Buli Bible is the 14th full Bible dedicated by GILLBT.

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Kumasi Shows the Way to A Church-Led Bible Translation Movement

The vision that founded GILLBT was built on two pillars, namely: i) a production pillar which involved the development of our languages and the translation of Bibles into these languages, and ii) a mobilization pillar involving the ownership of Ghanaians in the...
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2016 Mother Tongue Advocacy Conference

The role of local languages as a catalyst for national development cannot be over-emphasized. Local languages are key for the attainment of any sustainable development and therefore need to be deployed in the different domains of national life. In spite of the...
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5 Complete Bibles in 5 Months!

Complete Bibles in Kasem, Gonja, Kusaal, Nafaanra, and Dega were dedicated between November 2015 and March 2016.

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What We Do

GILLBT works in 40 different languages in Ghana working primarily in Translation, Literacy, Scripture Engagement and Linguistics.

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Imagine seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy God gave to Habakkuk 2,600 years ago –

the whole earth filled with the knowledge of God’s glory.


Imagine getting to take part in the fulfillment.

Imagine this happening soon.