GILLBT maintains a broad range of partnerships: at the crucial grassroots project level they express our concern for grassroots empowerment; at the national-level they articulate our Ghanaian identity; at the international level they express our networking with likeminded organisations.

Language Communities

GILLBT Director, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensa meets with a chief for the Vagla community

GILLBT works in focused and principled partnerships with local communities – a hallmark of our approach. Language development, literacy and Bible translation are achieved with and by grassroots efforts with relevant technical and academic support. In this way, we ensure quality work and long-term impact to meet local needs while expressing local cultural values. The existence and success of our activities rely on the significant contributions of local communities and individuals in those communities, such as volunteer labour, in-kind giving and cash.

Partnership at the local community level is an expression of GILLBT’s concern for empowerment and social transformation.

We also collaborate with national and international partners, including:


Bible Agencies

We share many points in common with the Bible Society of Ghana, though our focus is more on the north and theirs the south. We have shared joint responsibility for some Bible translation programmes. Both GILLBT and the Bible Society are members of the national Forum of Bible Agencies. We also partner with:

  • Theovision
  • The Bible League
  • Scripture Union
  • Lutheran Bible Translators

Lutheran Bible Translators has seconded key staff to GILLBT.


Universities in Ghana

Since our beginnings, we have been an associate of the University of Ghana primarily through the Institute for African Studies to which we present our annual report. In recent years, we have strengthened that partnership and seek more academic partners because language development, literacy, education and Bible translation depend on solid academic underpinnings. Additionally, we have formal or extensive informal links with:

  • The University for Development Studies
  • The University of Education, Winneba
  • The Akroffi-Christaller Institute
  • Trinity Theological Seminary


Churches in Ghana

GILLBT Director, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah with the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church

Our relationship to churches has always been an important part of our work. These have been particularly strong at the local level where church leaders participate in the planning and implementation of activities. On the national level, we have received longstanding and regular financial, moral and spiritual support from several churches including:

  • Accra Ridge Church, Accra
  • Assemblies of God Church, headquarters
  • Ausbery Dunwell Methodist Church, Adabraka-Accra
  • Church of Pentecost
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana
  • Global Evangelical Church
  • International Central Gospel Church, Christ Temple, Accra
  • Korle Bu Community Church, Accra
  • Legon Interdenominational Church, University of Ghana
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana
  • Word Miracle Church International, Dzorwulu-Accra

The composition of our Board of Directors illustrates our organic links to church, academic and other institutions in Ghana.



A number of Ghanaians and expatriates give regular contributions whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. Their donations range from modest to significant.


International partners

The leadership of the Wycliffe Global Alliance visit the GILLBT Guest House in Accra as part of their annual leadership meeting held in Accra

We are a member of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, and were recently honoured to host their annual leadership meeting in Accra. The Global Alliance is composed of over 100 organisations all contributing to Bible translation in languages worldwide, giving us valuable opportunities for networking and consultations.

We also have close ties with SIL International, one of our key technical partners for training, academic reflection and technical services, such as specialised software for language development and translation.

Our work has benefited greatly from the financial and technical support of several international organisations. While their large number prevents our listing all past international partners, those currently active include, but are not limited to:

We thank all those in Ghana and beyond who have contributed to positive transformation and the development of Ghana through GILLBT’s activities.


Looking to the future

GILLBT is actively seeking to increase its partnership linkages within Ghana. We want to be an effective partner for a wide range of Ghanaian institutions, including religious, governmental and academic, while maintaining strong links with grassroots communities because language can be a powerful tool for development in all those domains.