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Discovery Trip

2011 Discovery Team presenting at AGM

Are you a looking for different ways to do God’s work? Wondering what God’s plan is for your life? Wanting an opportunity to serve God in ’new lands’ with a cross-cultural team? If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, then GILLBT, in collaboration with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, proposes the Discovery Trip 2013.

This short-term missions programme is designed for college students aged 21–35 who are interested in serving the Lord during their June – August vacation. The 8-week experience has three stages:

1. Orientation

2. Field Assignment

3. Debriefing

The Discovery Trip allows you to find out what is involved in GILLBT’s Bible Translation and Literacy projects. As part of a cross-cultural team working in Ghana’s rural areas, you can bring skills such as:

  • Teaching
  • Typing
  • Translation
  • IT (web design)
  • Administration (office work)
  • Photography
  • Construction
  • Media (audio editing, etc)

What is involved?

  • Raising your own funding for the trip, such as, through church, friends or family.
  • Staying in unfamiliar locations and cultural environments which needs a flexible, open-minded Christ-like attitude.
  • Willingness to try different experiences and food, and to appreciate different cultures and customs.
  • Making friends in the community.
  • Pairing with an expatriate student while staying with a host family in the village.
  • Making your own breakfast and supper – your host will provide lunch. If there is a problem with particular foods, you should let your host know.
  • Helping the host family with household chores.
  • Participating in farm work to learn first-hand how subsistence agriculture is done.
  • Bringing your own protection against malaria, including a mosquito net, insect repellent (cream or spray), rain coat, a torchlight etc.


We will provide fundraising training to help you raise the required minimum of GH¢ 200.00. All funds raised are pooled for the Discovery Trip administration. We advise taking additional pocket money for your personal needs.

How to apply

The 2013 Discovery Programme runs from July to August 2013. Interested applicants can download the application form or contact us at

The final date for submitting your completed application is 30 April 2013.

The Discovery 2013 application is available for download.


Join us. Discover your worldview … discover their worldview and be blessed!